About Us

Welcome to Lillooet.

We’re steadfast in our pursuit for a truly British Columbian beer.

‘Sovereign’ really means independent and autonomous from outside sources. We borrow from the powerful term “food sovereignty” and extend it to beer. We’re inspired to break down the corporate global food system and hand the control over to the people who produce the ingredients we use in our beer.

We are pursuing a novel approach to making craft beer by focusing entirely on ingredient origins.  We are going to empower Canadian farmers and craftspeople who harvest the wonderful key ingredients – hops & barley.  And we will support wild foragers, beekeepers, and other people of the land to provide us with inspiring ingredients with which to make beer.

It’s pretty simple. We think our brewery’s foodstuffs should be grown in Canada. We also think it should be grown organically and challenge farmers to grow with our planet’s future in mind.

Who are Sacha & Sam?

Why are they going to produce Canada’s most exceptional beer?

Sacha- Lillooet Brewing Company - Lillooet BC

Meet Sacha

Sacha resides in Lillooet as a carpenter and jack of the trades. He’s been rebuilding this town one house at a time as a contractor and is ready to put his skills to work on transforming 104 Main Street’s historic Feed Store into a one-of-a-kind tourist destination and cozy get-away for Lillooet’s thirsty residents. Sacha is a graduate with distinction from Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s brewing program which formalized his many years of homebrewing and set forth the momentum to start the planning for a brewery in Lillooet.

Sam -Lillooet Brewing Company - Lillooet BC

Meet Sam

Sam now splits his time between Lillooet and Vancouver after having spent a decade learning to grow organic hops from a beautiful river bench in East Lillooet. He has a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Guelph and a Masters degree in Wildlife Ecology from Simon Fraser University, where he studied behavioural ecology of migratory songbirds. His scientific background and deep passion for British Columbia’s wildlife is being poured into the brewery’s unique mission: to protect south-western BC’s At-Risk wildlife and vulnerable ecological habitats. After his foray into organic hop farming, Sam founded and operates the world’s only exclusive organic hop company, Harvesters of Organic Hops which aggregates the province’s organic hops, processes, and distributes them to organic breweries worldwide. Sam traveled the world to learn about hop production. He will use this expert hop knowledge to select the best hop lots Canada’s farmers have to offer.

Sam’s hop expertise and deep knowledge of farming production methods combined with Sacha’s unwavering commitment to brewing execution makes them the perfect pair for this mission in beer. Together, they will enact prudent policies in the use of non-sovereign beer ingredients (that is, hops and malted grains grown outside BC and Canada) and constantly strive to seek out the best our province’s farmers and craftspeople have to offer. We also want to celebrate Organic. For this, we will look beyond our borders to find the most exclusive and rare hops and malted grains and use them judiciously in our seasonal beers. Organic farmers around the world need our support. This is our way of doing our part.

Conservation, Lillooet Wild.

Celebrate & Educate.

Co-founders Sacha Bordas and Sam Quinlan are both passionate about Lillooet’s wildlife. Sacha, a conscientious hunter, and seasoned outdoorsman really cares about the wildlife around Lillooet. Sam Quinlan is an ornithologist who traveled the world studying birds and protecting their habitat. He knows Lillooet has some of the rarest bird species in Canada and cares about keeping them around.

So, in making our beer, we’ve decided to put Lillooet’s wildlife front and centre, literally.  Each and every beer will celebrate and educate Lillooet’s At-Risk species and other keystone species that keep our delicate ecosystem in check.

Visitors to Lillooet need a place to stop in and ask questions about Lillooet’s vast wilderness. Some visitors are just curious, others are ready to forge into the wilderness and explore the countless hidden gems our landscape has to offer.

Lillooet Brewing Company will be the town’s de-facto National Park Headquarters. It’s a place for people to converge, discuss, plan and explore. We hope your journey will motivate you to learn more about the wildlife species unique to our area and seek to find ways to protect their populations and habitat.

104 Main Street, Lillooet, BC V0K 1V0

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