Our Beer

Sovereign Beer.

We’re steadfast in our pursuit for a truly British Columbian beer.

‘Sovereign’ really means independent and autonomous from outside sources. We borrow from the powerful term “food sovereignty” and extend it to beer. We’re inspired to break down the corporate global food system and hand the control over to the people who produce the ingredients we use in our beer.

We are pursuing a novel approach to making craft beer by focusing entirely on ingredient origins.  We are going to empower Canadian farmers and craftspeople who harvest the wonderful key ingredients – hops & barley.  And we will support wild foragers, beekeepers, and other people of the land to provide us with inspiring ingredients with which to make beer.

It’s pretty simple. We think our brewery’s foodstuffs should be grown in Canada. We also think it should be grown organically and challenge farmers to grow with our planet’s future in mind.

Are your beers going to be certified organic?

Yes! Some of our beers will be certified organic.

But some beers will not be certified because we want to extend our support to farmers who may not have the ability to certify or are just transitioning their land and practices. Farming is tough and certification can be daunting. Co-founder Sam Quinlan started growing some of Canada’s first organic hops in Lillooet and knows the hurdles faced by upstart farmers and old-fashioned producers.  That’s why Sam has committed to visiting every farm and meeting every craftsperson who produces ingredients for the brewery. Transparency in each transaction is our mandate and we wish to share what we learn with our patrons.

Lillooet Brewing Company hops

Canadian ingredients, eh? Why is that important?

Did you know that Canada is the most ideal place in the world to make beer?

  • The freshest and most abundant water sources
  • The biggest and most expansive prairies with the richest soils for grain production
  • The perfect climate conditions for growing hop plants with hop cones that contain pure resins and abundant essential oils.

So why is most of our beer imported from the United States and Europe? Good question. We think we’ve got all we need here to make the best beer in the world. Pure and simple.